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These are the 12 personal finance blogs I monitor and visit whenever a new post is published in them. They are the blogs that do the most to inspire me, motivate me, teach me and entertain me. So… enjoy!

Mr Money Mustache – This personal finance and self-sufficient lifestyle blog phenomenon has turned earlier retirement into a motivational grassroots social movement.

Early Retirement Extreme – This pioneering hardcore frugality and minimalism blog combines financial advice with illuminating philosophical and psychological analyses of why people succeed or fail in the pursuit of their financial goals.

Root of Good – This very readable blow-by-blow record of early retirement is authored by a young Dad who snipped the job cord at 33 to raise his 3 children and launch a successful personal finance blog.

Retirement: a Full Time Job – This blog is written by “Retired Syd”, who left her high-profile CFO position in her 40’s to discover what early retirement was all about and to write about reaching it and living it from her insightful position as a gifted financial professional.

Frugalwoods — a simple living blog written by a young professional couple (along with their companion FrugalHound)  as they surge towards a planned rural early retirement at 33.

1500 Days to Freedom – a blog written by an aspiring early retiree as he strives to think differently so he can escape the rat race by his 1500-day deadline

Club Thrifty – a blog dedicated to showing how to stop spending and start living

Eyes On the Dollar – a blog about a young optometrist’s ongoing journey to financial independence

Living Rich Cheaply – a personal finance blog about how to have your cake and eat it too

Personal Finance Today – a very eclectic blog on everything personal finance

Reach Financial Independence – a blog about how to get to Financial Independence through savings, hard work and simple living

Retire by 40 – a blog by a former engineer who left his career behind to become a stay at home dad and personal finance blogger at 38

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  1. Thanks so much for including me! To be included with such a great group is an honor indeed!

    “Living Free Is the Bottom Line”

    Yep, could not agree more. I really, really look forward when I can hike, bike, read and do whatever I want every day of the week…

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